Welcome friends!  A vote for my candidacy would therefore be a vote for Change, A vote for Mayor, A vote for Yeadon, and a vote for You!  Vote Rohan Hepkins for Mayor and let’s start to make this thing happen!! 

I’m running for Mayor to make a difference. I’m excited to share my “5 Points of Light” goals for change in Yeadon, which I’ve outlined below.  

The Democratic Candidate For Change

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Rohan Hepkins

Senior Pastor, Family Man
Community-Servant, Brother & Friend

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Mayoral Candidate Rohan Hepkins 
Goals for Yeadon – 5 Points of Light:

Yeadon needs a leader who is committed to delivering results. This community needs a Mayor who is committed to controlling tax increases, to making sure our children receive a good education and ensuring our residents are well-protected. 

Yeadon needs a leader who is committed to building up the community. Like I said before, I’ve spent 30 years in the same house and the same community.  Yeadon is my home. As Mayor, I will work to re-build Yeadon - by working to make sure that we all drive on repaired roads, and walk down clean streets.  I’ll work to attract new businesses to the community. And I’ll be visible – I’ll be walking around in the community, listening to you, getting to know you, and ready to take action.

Yeadon needs a leader who is energized and collaborative. I have a passion for this community, and I am frustrated. We need to work together to stem the tide of businesses fleeing the borough. We need to work closely with the Borough Council to make sense of the tax system, so residents can easily understand it – and we need to build partnerships with neighboring boroughs so we can decrease costs. To make these changes, Yeadon needs someone who can drive things forward and get people to collaborate. 

I have 5 simple goals for Yeadon, which I call the “5 points of light”:
1.Control Tax Increases
2.Community Policing
3.Walk the Community as “The People’s Mayor”
4.Improve Education
5.Repair Roads and Restore Clean Neighborhood

Read more ...about both the problem and my solution.

My wife Joy and I first moved to Yeadon after we were married 30 years ago.  At that time, Yeadon was the place to be.  In fact, it was hard to purchase a home here.   Back then, there was a waiting list, and we were fortunate to be able to purchase a home and move into the borough. We’ve spent 30 years in this community, raised three children here, and seen a lot of changes during those years. 

It’s those changes that have inspired me to run for Mayor.  I’m running for Mayor to make a difference,

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